Interior Detailing

Maintaining your vehicle's interior is crucial to keeping its surfaces in great condition. We offer several interior packages to suit all levels of detailing required - from basic refreshment, to extreme restoration.

Our products are surface-safe, 100% silicone free, and will not leave residue or film. Products containing silicone or similar fillers will damage surfaces over time, causing bleaching, cracking, color bleed, texture damage, or a sticky, slimy, over-saturated shine. Most surfaces should have a satin finish and do not require any conditioning or dressing. Our services leave a factory look and feel, from leather to plastic and beyond.


Carpet and upholstery requires specialized care and experience to prevent wicking, re-soiling, and fiber damage (fraying or tearing). Use of high alkaline or acid products deteriorates the fibers and can cause more harm than good. We use only professional carpet and upholstery cleaners formulated specifically for each type of material. Paired with an industrial grade extractor and steam, we can provide like-new results in most cases, without compromising the fabrics.

Ceramic coating technology has made it possible to protect nearly every surface both inside and out. Fabric, leather, vinyl, and plastic nano coatings ensure your vehicle stays in pristine condition for longer, without the use of harsh chemicals. Contact us to find out more

Interior Detailing Edmonton


Remove soiling and most stains from carpets and upholstery


Eliminate grime and dust from panels, plastics, leather, and vinyl


Ceramic Coatings to protect and maintain yur surfaces


Abolish fingerprints and oils from glass surfaces for a clear view


Basic Detail

Vacuum, surfaces dressed, mats cleaned, glass cleaned





Quartz Detail PLUS leather care, carpet/upholstery shampoo




For Extreme Messes

Onyx Detail PLUS pet hair, extreme stain/soiling, odor removal



Prices subject to change pending vehicle size, condition, level of soiling, and interior type. Vehicles with loop fiber carpet are difficult to clean/shampoo, and remove contaminants from. If you are concerned about whether or not your vehicle may receive the best final outcome, please visit our shop for an in-person quote and/or inspection. Vehicles that are excessively soiled, contain pet hair, hazardous/biohazardous waste, or are heavily stained will be automatically upgraded to the ULTIMATE package - please ensure you have selected the best package for your vehicles' condition. Thank you for your understanding