Exterior Detailing

Proper care of your vehicle's exterior determines the life and longevity of the finish. Ensuring the minimal addition of scratches and swirl marks can maintain and boost the value of your vehicle. We offer several exterior packages to suit all levels of detailing required - from basic refreshment, to extreme restoration.

Our products are surface-safe, body shop safe, and 100% silicone free. Most of our products are pH neutral and will not damage or stain surfaces. Your vehicle is treated as our own when it enters our doors, and leaves looking showroom ready.


Modern day paints and clear-coats are thinner and require more experience than ever before. On average, clear-coat is thinner than a sheet of paper, and therefore requires the utmost care when being worked with. Our experience translates to more safety and peace of mind while your vehicle is being transformed.

Ceramic coating technology has made it possible to protect nearly every surface, inside and out. Paint, wheels, trim, glass, and light nano coatings ensure your vehicle stays in pristine condition for longer, without the use of harsh chemicals. Contact us to find out more


Vehicle foamed and rinsed thoroughly prior to two-bucket wash method

Safely remove bonded contaminants such as iron, tar, and more


Level 1, 2, 3 protection - waxes, sealants, or ceramic coatings


Permanently remove scratches and swirl marks that affect the paint clarity


Exterior Detailing Edmonton


Basic Maintenance Wash

Foam hand wash, wheels cleaned, level 1 protection




Single Stage Polishing

Ruby Detail PLUS decontamination, single stage polish, level 2 protection




Paint Correction

Ruby Detail PLUS decontamination, 2 stage correction, level 2 protection



Prices subject to change pending vehicle condition, color, and size. Vehicles with excessive scratching, rust, or damage may not yield the best results with paint correction and may require repainting. If you are concerned about whether or not your vehicle may receive the best final outcome, please visit our shop for an in-person quote, test spot, and/or inspection to ensure you have selected the best package for your vehicles' condition