Ceramic Coating 

Edmonton Ceramic Coating

What is a Ceramic Coating? A ceramic coating, also known as a nano coating, is a liquid polymer that is applied by hand to the exterior of a vehicle. The coating chemically bonds with the vehicle's factory paint, creating a layer of protection lasting years instead of days/weeks/months.

This process can be done on surfaces from wheels to convertible tops and everything in between. A full service coating package may take on average, 3 to 7 days to complete!

What is involved with ceramic coating? The surface to be coated must be as perfect and as clean as possible prior to the application of a coating. On paint, this means a thorough wash and decontamination is completed. The surface is then corrected and polished to remove as many defects as possible. This includes scratches, swirl marks, etching, marring, etc. Ceramic coatings accentuate the surface they are applied to, therefore requiring it to be as flawless as possible!

Pinup's Detailing is a certified installer with IGL Coatings and Gyeon Quartz - we offer a variety of options for each and every surface. Contact us today for a quote and have your vehicle professionally protected for years to come!


Gyeon offers a range of premium quality products thoroughly tested to satisfy the needs of  professionals. At Gyeon, we spare no effort or expense to provide you with the most innovative solutions, always producing exceptional results and ensuring your satisfaction.

 It is our mission to deliver the most technologically advanced products, at very competitive prices. We value your time, which is why you can always rely on our consistent, high quality products as well as our expertise gained through years of development and improvement. 

igl coatings

igl coatings is a technology firm focusing on the development of innovative and disruptive nanotechnology products, redefining the the coatings industry by pioneering low and zero VOC ceramic coatings.

While most ceramic coatings are made with hazardous materials, igl coatings have worked extensively to improve hazardous formulations and create eco-friendly, low VOC coatings for a better and safer world. The range of coatings by igl has expanded form automotive coatings to aviation, marine, industrial coating supported by our effective and eco-friendly cleaning and maintenance products.

owners pride ceramic coating edmonton alberta canada

Owner's Pride

Owner’s Pride Ceramic Installers are the best of the best in the detailing industry. We personally selected each installer to make sure every customer experienced the best. Owner’s Pride Ceramic comes with a 7 year nation wide warranty to make sure you are always taken car of no matter where you are. Your warranty will appear on your carfax. Since Owner’s Pride Ceramic is so adaptable, it protects your paint, rims, plastics, and headlights. Our professional installers can help protect your interior as well!

Pinup's Detailing was proudly the FIRST certified Owner's Pride installer in Canada, and installed the first application of Owner's Pride Ceramic Coating on a vehicle in Canada.